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The Tauchnitz Students’ Series published in Hamburg from 1948 to 1950, was effectively continued from 1952 onwards by the Brandstetter Verlag in Wiesbaden, with the Tauchnitz name gradually disappearing. Most of the first 12 volumes were reprinted under the Brandstetter imprint, with other new titles also added, up to at least number 20. Most of these cannot be considered as Tauchnitz editions, but Todd & Bowden identify one main students’ series volume and three special volumes (Sonderbände) that carry at least some mention of Tauchnitz, and so are accorded the privilege of inclusion in their bibliography.


The three Sonderbände are all Bernard Shaw plays and are classified by Todd & Bowden as a separate mini-series (U1 to U3). This parallels the earlier Students’ Series from the 1930s, where Shaw’s plays had their own mini-series rather than being included in the main series, apparently because Shaw objected to specific students’ editions.


Todd & Bowden were unable to locate a first Brandstetter printing of volume 2 ‘Saint Joan’, but on the evidence of volumes 1 and 3 in the series, ‘Candida’ and ‘Pygmalion’, they surmised a common format for the three volumes, with wrappers headed ‘Bernard Shaw’s Plays’. On the evidence I can find though, which now includes various printings of the three volumes, there was probably never a fully consistent format.


‘Candida’ and ‘Pygmalion’ are in a format very similar to the Shaw series from 1931 and ‘Candida’ in particular, which appeared in that series, could easily be mistaken for the earlier printing. ‘Pygmalion’ is in a similar format, although the wrapper colour is more like that of the other students’ series volumes from the 1920s and 1930s.



Tauchnitz edition from 1931     **  Brandstetter from 1955  **      Brandstetter from 1953


All the printings of ‘Saint Joan’ that I’ve come across though, are in a different size and shape, and the wrapper design of the first printing appears to be derived from the Hamburg edition of 1947 rather than from the 1930s series. It did move to something of a cross between the two series in later printings, and seems to have been reissued regularly in this format in later years, before appearing in a more modern style by 1965.



       Tauchnitz from 1947    ** Brandstetter from 1952 **   Brandstetter 1954   **  Brandstetter 1965

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