Tauchnitz Editions

Tauchnitz Editions of Dickens for sale

This page contains a number of Tauchnitz Editions of Dickens novels for sale.  They are not all first printings, but in each case the printing and the date is indicated as best can be established, using information from the Todd & Bowden bibliography.  Celebrate the Dickens bicentenary (and the almost bicentenary of Bernhard Tauchnitz) by buying and reading a historic copy of a Dickens novel!



 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens, reprint 1868 or later

 'A Christmas Carol' was originally published by Tauchnitz in December 1843, more or less simultaneously with the UK edition. but as an additional volume outside the main series.  It is assigned the number A1 in the Todd & Bowden bibliography.  The first printing shows the publisher as 'Bernh. Tauchnitz Jun.', so this copy which shows 'Bernhard Tauchnitz' is a later reprint.  It is from the second setting, setting B as identified by Todd & Bowden, which means it is not earlier than 1868, but I am not able to date it any more precisely than that. 


It is bound in greeny-brown cloth, with gilt spine title, and has a stamp on the title-page with the official seal of the Kaiserliche Königliche Theresianische Academie in Vienna (The Austrian Royal Imperial Military Academy).  There is also a German sticker on the front free end-paper showing a cruiser from the English fleet.  This appears to be dated 1915 (?), but may have been attached by a later owner.  Internally there are occasional lines and writing through the text, particularly in the first few pages.

There is currently a very similar copy of this book offered on eBay for £400.

£30 plus p + p (£2.50 within UK)



‘David Copperfield' by Charles Dickens, later printing 1870s


This is a nice set of three volumes of ‘David Copperfield’ - volumes 175 to 177 of the Tauchnitz Collection of British Authors, first published by Tauchnitz in 1849/50, with all three volumes appearing ahead of the first UK edition.  This however is a later printing, identified by the list of other Dickens’ titles on the half-title verso, probably from the 1870s (Todd & Bowden Ad).


All three volumes are in very good condition, with cloth spines over paper covered boards, spine titles in gilt and marbled page-edges.  The original owner’s name (Countess Anna Quadt?) is on the end-papers of each volume, and a dedication from another Quadt family member, dated 1896, appears to have been added to the first volume.


£15 plus p + p (£4 in UK) for the set of three volumes



 'The posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club' by Charles Dickens - early reprint, probably 1840s or early 1850s

'The Pickwick Papers' was published in two volumes as volumes 2 and 3 of the Tauchnitz Collection of British Authors.  The first printing had 446 pages in volume 1, but it was quickly reprinted with only 432 pages, and a later third setting had 464 pages.  This is an example of the first reprint (Todd & Bowden 2Ba and 3Aa), often wrongly identified as the first printing.  There are no half-titles bound in, but the frontispiece portrait of Dickens is present in volume I. The title pages show the publisher's imprint in its earliest form as 'Bernh. Tauchnitz Jun.' (which was discontinued after 1852), and there is no copyright notice or other indication of authorisation.

The two volumes are bound in cloth spines, with titles and bands in gilt, over paper covered boards.  There is some spotting throughout both volumes, and extensive browning on the free endpapers, but both volumes are in good solid shape, with no significant faults.

£12 plus p + p (£3 in UK) for the two volumes

'Oliver Twist' by Charles Dickens, early edition 1846 - 1848


Oliver Twist was issued as volume 36 of the Tauchnitz Collection of British Authors in 1843. This is a very early copy, although not quite a first printing.  It has the earliest version of the publisher’s imprint (‘Bernh. Tauchnitz Jun.’ under a small decoration), but the existence of a copyright statement means it cannot be the first printing.  On the other hand the decoration puts it as earlier than the second issue recorded by Todd & Bowden, so I estimate it as somewhere between 1846 and 1848.  The half-title is not bound in, but is not required for dating in this case.


It has a nice binding for this period, in brown cloth, with a darker spine with raised bands and title in gilt.  The corners of the boards are bumped and there is some internal spotting / staining, but this is generally a nice copy.


£10 plus p + p (£2.50 in UK)








Nicholas Nickleby' by Charles Dickens, reprint 1884

This is volumes 47 and 48 of the Tauchnitz Collection of British Authors, first published by Tauchnitz in 1843, which is the date shown on the title page.  However this is a later reprint, which can be dated fairly precisely to 1884 by the bound-in publisher's catalogue at the back of volume II.  The number of pages (438 in vol. I, 453 in vol. II) identify this as the first setting, but the list of 26 other titles by Dickens on the half-title verso does not correspond to any of the variants in Todd & Bowden.  It is later than setting Ad, but earlier than setting Ba.

The two volumes are bound in black cloth spines over green marbled paper-covered boards, with spine titles in gilt and all edges marbled.   The front free end paper in each volume has been removed, but the books are otherwise internally clean and bright.  There is a small amount of writing on the inside rear cover of volume I and small stickers for the book-binder (M. Pittius of Sorau) in each volume.

£7 plus p + p (£3 in UK) for the two volumes


'Dealings with the firm of Dombey and Son' by Charles Dickens, Vol. I, first printing 1847


A first printing of vol. 119 of the Tauchnitz Collection of British Authors, corresponding in all respects recorded by Todd & Bowden to the earliest known printing (Todd & Bowden Aa), and with the half-title bound in. 


It is nicely bound in faded blue-grey cloth over blue marbled boards, with a less attractive, but probably contemporary, hand-written title sticker on the spine.  There is some internal spotting, but both the binding and the interior of the book are still crisp and fresh.   There is a small indentation to the top of the rear board.


The novel was later completed by two further volumes (Tauchnitz volumes 120 & 121), but they were not published simultaneously with this first volume, which was printed from advance proofs of the UK part-issues, before the publication of the whole novel.   ‘Dombey & Son’ was not issued in the UK in book form until April 1848, some 11 months after this first volume of the Tauchnitz edition was published in May 1847, so that this is the world-wide first printing of this part of ‘Dombey & Son’ in book form.   The second and third volumes were published by Tauchnitz in September 1847 and April 1848.


£10 plus p + p (£2.50 in UK)



'The Cricket on the Hearth' by Charles Dickens, reprint possibly 1850s

 'The Cricket on the Hearth' was originally published by Tauchnitz in January 1846 as an additional volume, outside the main series.  It is assigned the number A5 in the Todd & Bowden bibliography.  The first printing shows the publisher as 'Bernh. Tauchnitz Jun.', so this copy which shows 'Bernhard Tauchnitz' is a later reprint.  The wording 'Printed by Bernhard Tauchnitz' on the final page, rather than 'Printing Office of the Publisher' suggests though that it is not later than about 1858, and the binding looks consistent with a copy from the 1850s.


It is bound with a leather spine, over paper boards, with gilt decoration on spine and author and title in gilt.  The half-title is bound in, and has a largely illegible dedication and signature in ink.  There is extensive spotting throughout the book.  The end papers are green, with an ownership signature at the front.  Overall though this is a very nice copy in surprisingly good condition for a slim book puiblished 150 years ago.

 £12 plus p + p (£2.50 within UK)






'Pictures from Italy' by Charles Dickens, later printing around 1892


‘Pictures from Italy’, a travel book by Dickens was published by Tauchnitz in 1846 as volume 103 of their series, more or less at the same time as the first UK edition.  This however is a later printing, with a handwritten date of 1892 on the half-title, which looks consistent with the other features of the book.


It is nicely bound in green cloth spine and corners over marbled boards, with gilt title and decoration on the spine, plain endpapers and marbled page edges.  Other than the handwritten name (Aloysia Quadt?) and date on the end papers and half-title, it is in almost pristine condition.


£9 plus p + p (£2.50 in UK)



Selection of individual volumes from Household Words, various dates


Tauchnitz published 36 volumes of fiction from Household Words between 1851 and 1856 and these were reprinted many times, although copies can often only be dated by the style of bindings.  In my experience though, relatively few copies have survived.  Perhaps they were seen more as magazines than books, and so less worthy of binding.   All are printed in double columns.


These volumes come from different periods and are in variable condition, but are offered at bargain prices.  Please ask for more details of individual books if you are interested.


Vol. 7 (Tauchnitz vol. 216) in publisher’s binding early 20th cent.  £3 plus p + p

Vol. 12 (Tauchnitz vol. 227) dated 1913 in cloth over paper-covered boards.  £4 plus p + p

Vol. 13 (Tauchnitz vol. 231) in publisher’s binding early 20th cent.   £3 plus p + p

Vol. 18 (Tauchnitz vol. 265) 19th century cloth binding, bumped and worn.  £4 plus p + p

Vol. 32 (Tauchnitz vol. 336) in marbled boards.  £4 plus p + p

Vol. 35 (Tauchnitz vol. 357) leather spine over paper-covered boards, 1850s?   SOLD


All 5 remaining volumes £16 plus p+p (£8 within UK)



'Novels and Tales' vol IV, 1st printing 1857

This is a rather odd one, described on the title page as volume IV of 'Novels and Tales reprinted from Household Words, conducted by Charles Dickens'.  However what the book actually contains is chapters 1 to 21 of 'The Dead Secret' by Wilkie Collins.  Collins is mentioned only on the contents page, and it is Dickens' name that appears on the title page and on the spine of the book.  Later reprints credited Wilkie Collins more directly.

It is volume 386 of the Tauchnitz Collection of British Authors and the fourth volume of this 11 volume mini-series of 'Novels and Tales'.  This copy has a rather battered leather spine, with author and title in gilt, over green paper-covered boards.  Internal condition is generally good, although there is some spotting, and the series half-title is bound in.

£5 plus p + p (£2.50 within UK)